Valor Chocolate

Valor Cafe in Valencia Spain

I eat a lot of chocolate since it is my passion and my business. Most of it is good, more than good, but I don’t think about it once it is gone. On a recent trip to Spain, I happened across Valor Chocolate or Chocolates Valor out of Alicante and I have been thinking about Valor ever since. I only spent a few fabulous moments at a Valor Chocolate cafe in Valencia, but my experience was wonderful.

I purchased a simple hot chocolate or so I thought. What I got was an extremely rich drinking chocolate sort of similar to how chocolate was consumed long ago when chocolate was first introduced to Europe. The drink is a tad sweeter since the processing of chocolate has changed dramatically, but wonderful all the same. I also purchased a few chocolate bars to take home which turned out to be nicely flavored and balanced. Valor does use Soy Lecithin, but there are worse things to worry about.

Although I won’t visit the Valor Cafe for a while, I have located a US source, in fact many, I have been out of the loop. You can visit to purchase their chocolate drink mix and or bars. Enjoy.