Sweet Beauty offers you an exciting line of chocolate-based spa products
that provide you with moments of beauty both inside and out.  Some are for
everyday use, some for a special escape.  We currently offer Body Scrubs,
Lip Balms, a Milk Chocolate Bath, and a Hand and Body Soap.
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Sweet Beauty Chocolate Lip BalmsA handmade chocolate treatment for the lips. Formulated to moisturize,
heal and protect while pampering with the delicious taste of chocolate.
Our lip balms are available in variety of strengths, from just a kiss of
chocolate in Whisper to the deeply satisfying Fulfill.  Ingredients include
Organic Fair-Trade C
ertified Chocolate, Pomegranate Oil…
Sweet Beauty ScrubsLuxuriate in a Chocolate Spa Treatment right in your own home.
Treat your skin with combinations of Organic Chocolate, Sugars
and Exotic Oils.  Moisturize your newly revealed skin while drifting
away on the aroma of fine chocolate.  Ingredients include Ground espresso
beans, Rosemary oil extract…
Sweet Beauty Bath ProductsChocolate to wash up with? It’s true. Now even cleaning your hands
can become a mini chocolate spa break. Has it been a tough week?
Are you tense? Slip into the ultimate stress reliever, Milk Chocolate Bath.
Ingredients include Organic castile soap, Buttermilk powder…