How Can I Maintain My Gray Hair Naturally?

Gray hair starts when hair follicles age and produce less color than it used to, resulting to a different strand in the head as compared to other hair strands on the head. Graying is a gradual process which can be maintained either naturally or using artificial methods, so as to slow down the graying process.

Accepting the change

When the first gray hair sprouts, most people are attempted to pluck them because they feel it will not look so nice on them, well it is not advisable to do so. Plucking gray hair from the roots only results in damaging more follicles. The other important thing to do is change your hair brush, if you were used to brushing your hair, its necessary that with graying you change to a wide toothed comb which will not pull out your hair especially when it is wet. This will reduce the damage that will be caused by the brush to the already weak hair.

It is also important to look at the preferred hair products for gray hair you would probably need to start shopping for the best purple shampoo for gray hair, so that you can take care of your changing hair with correct products. You will also need to shop for the best oils and conditioners that will favor the already graying hair. There is no particular age where graying starts because it is mainly determined by genetics but many start at the age of 35 years. If you accept change immediately and start making changes to what you use on your hair, then you can slow down the process and enjoy having your current color for a little longer.

How Can I Maintain My Gray Hair Naturally?

Adopt new lifestyle changes

The aging of the hair follicles may be just a sign that you need to change your lifestyle and adopt new ways of living, because going shopping for the best purple shampoo for gray hair may not be enough. You will need to start taking in enough minerals which are good in promoting hair growth and repairing damaged hair, this will help to strengthen the already weakening hair. You will also need to avoid direct sunlight on your hair meaning that you will either need to put on a cap when going out or have a head scarf on.

It will also be important to get rid of bad hair habits like bleaching because this will only weaken your hair further and may also result into balding because at this stage you already have weak hair and bleaching may just cause more damages than expected. It is also necessary that you avoid using harsh shampoo and soap hence the need for purple shampoo which is particularly made to benefit such hair. You will probably have to stop using the hair drier and curling iron since they always have very high heat which will not be good for gray hair.

Using natural hair dye

There are people who do not like to see the gray hair on their head and would not only go looking for the best purple shampoo for gray hair but may also go shopping for artificial dye that matches their hair color. Hair dye are many damages caused by these artificial dyes and therefore the need to look for natural hair dyes that would restore back your preferred color. There are several natural dyes that can be used safely on gray hair and will not have any negative side effects since they are not made using harmful chemicals and can be used for a long period of time.

One of the very commonly used natural hair dye is henna. Depending of your hair color, you can mix henna with either black tea or coffee and make paste by adding yogurt and olive oil and apply on hair. This mixture can restore the hair color for a period of time without causing any damages to the hair. Once it starts to clear, you can repeat the same process again and this will ensure that you maintain good looking hair without causing more damages to the weak hair. The best part is that this natural dye can be used for years and will not damage hair.

For who prefer hair lighteners

There are those who prefer hair lighteners, they can opt to go for the natural hair lightening options and depending on what color they would like to achieve, they can make a choice out of the many options available. The most common color that people go for is the blonde color; they can use raw honey and cinnamon for natural results that will not cause hair damages. A mixture of raw honey and cinnamon is said to have the same effect as hydrogen peroxide. For complete mixture you need to have raw honey, cinnamon, water and olive oil.

Honey and cinnamon should be mixed at a ratio of 4:1 depending on the amount of hair. Then add in water preferably use distilled water in the mixture and add in olive oil and apply on the hair and leave overnight for effective results. Wash of in the morning with water and style. Repeat the process as the color starts to clear. There may be some people who are allergic to some of the natural ingredients and therefore necessary to check with their doctor if in doubt.

It is possible to maintain gray hair naturally even if you do not use the best purple shampoo for gray hair. It is clear that using artificial products will damage hair since they are made with chemicals that will make the hair brittle and stiff and may also cause skin irritation when it comes into contact with scalp. For prolonged healthy hair it is better to use the natural ways of maintaining gray hair which can start at any age depending on genetics. There are people who start graying at a young age of below twenty years and it is important if they learn how to maintain that hair color.