isa Francoise – Owner, Spa Chocolatier.  Lisa, a CIDESCO diplomat, became a licensed esthetician in 1992, and then continued her education at the University of Washington.  But her life took a very different turn when she discovered the healthy attributes of chocolate and believed that beauty and chocolate were meant to be together.  Since then she’s taken her combined passion for chocolate and skin care to create Sweet Beauty.  Lisa currently resides in Seattle with her husband and daughter. 

Sweet Beauty

Sweet Beauty Chocolate Spa Treatments
Gourmet chocolate skin care at its’ finest

It’s the sweetest indulgence you could wish forchocolate’s natural aroma lifting your mood, exciting your senses, and nourishing your soul… Sweet Beauty products offer delectable blends of antioxidant rich organic Fair Trade chocolate from Seattle’s Theo Chocolate, expertly mixed with natural, super-food oils and butters. Our natural skin and body care recipes are enriched with the mouth-watering fine chocolate, which is rich in natural skin softening glycerides that have a reputation for moisturizing the skin. From organic chocolate body cream to organic lip balms, our spa treatments turn your daily skincare ritual into an exotic treat.

Browse our line of organic spa and natural skincare products made from a splendor of ingredients so delectable that skin care feels like indulging in a luxurious dessert. Sweet Beauty’s Lisa Françoise—a spa chocolatier who is also a professional skincare expert— has created a line of body creams, sugar scrubs, facial scrubs, facial masques, body soaps, milk baths, and lip balms that offer a new spin on an old age confection.

“When I create these products, I choose rich ingredients that could be found on a fine restaurant menu,” shares Françoise. “Skincare should be a peak sensory experience that provides a healthy way to indulge yourself. I believe creating a good mood is the best way to feel beautiful, naturally.”

Let Sweet Beauty turn your skin care into a treat.