What Is the Best Moisturizing Lipstick?

Applying moisturizing lipstick makes the lips soft and clean. There are different types of lipsticks available in the market. You can also find out here different lipsticks that have glycerin. If you have dry skin, then you should buy the best lipstick for dry lips. It will make your lips smooth. When you apply lipstick on your dry lips, it gives a nasty look. There are many top brands that manufacturers moisturizing lipsticks.

What Is the Best Moisturizing Lipstick?

The difference between moisturizing lipstick and normal ones

When the lipstick has oil extract, they are categorized under moisturizing lipsticks. The price of moisturizing balms is quite higher than normal ones. If you want to buy the best lipstick, you should check the moisturizing lipstick list online. Always buy cosmetics from official websites. Sometimes people order lipsticks and makeup items from random sites because they get better offers there. Let me tell you one thing that many websites attract their customers by providing luring offers but sells replica products.

Today we see that most cosmetic companies are manufacturing superior quality lipsticks, which are suitable for lips. Many users are facing the problem of dry lips that’s why nowadays company has manufactured various types of lip shades which have Vaseline like substances.

Let’s discuss the names of the best moisturizing lipstick.

If you want to buy the best lip balm, you should read all the below-mentioned points carefully. If your budget is low, then prefer buying lipsticks of the regular brand. Compare the price of your favorite lipstick from local stores and online. Buy it from where you get a great deal. Don’t forget to purchase from an official website.

What Is the Best Moisturizing Lipstick?

E.l.f. Moisturizing lipstick

It is one of the best pocket-friendly moisturizing lipsticks. It is a piece of news that you can get this lipstick under five dollars. And it has lots of vitamins and Shea butter, which makes it soft. Whenever you apply this lipstick, you lips will not get rough. It is one of the most selling lipsticks as it is vegan. People avoid using lipsticks, which are made from animal oil. ELF brand has the best lipstick. It is available in different colors so you can shop your favorite color. The top shades are Wine tour and Red carpet.

Milani’s statement lipstick

The best part about the Milani statement lipstick is that they do not add any drug substance. When the person applies lipstick on the lips, it goes inside their mouth when they eat something. So they avoid buying lipstick, which has impurities. It is available in more than 30 shades so the person can purchase according to their choice. The lipstick has cruelty free formula, and has vitamins A and C. The fragrance of the lipstick is mesmerizing. When you apply it on your lips, you will feel like you are using the cream.

Neutrogena smooth color stick

The Neutrogena lipstick has a beautiful fragrance. The lipstick looks like a Crayon color. Neutrogena lipstick is easy to use as it has smooth edges. The size of lip crayons is quite more significant, which can be easily held while applying. Lipsticks are the best make-up item that the person can carry in their pockets. If you are sitting in a moving car, then also you can quickly fill your lips with its beautiful colors. You need not use the sharpener as it is available in the twist-up design. It has Shea butter formula which has a smooth texture and gives the right consistency on lips. It is a waterproof lipstick so that we can wear it for a long time. You need not apply lipstick again and again as it lasts for more than 10 hours.

NYX lipstick

NYX lipstick are worldwide famous because of its softness. When you apply the lipstick of this company, you will never buy from any other brand. The company manufactures lipstick in three different sizes so the person can buy according to their needs. If you are looking for the best lipsticks then you are at the right platform. All the shades have Olive Oil, which adds extra softness in the lipsticks. Applying good quality lipstick does not harm the lips. You can quickly get NYX lipsticks from the local market. The best part about the company is that they provide lipstick miniatures that you can carry while traveling.

Topmost tips for making the lips smooth and pink

There are many home remedies that the person can follow, which helps them to convert their rough lips into soft. The most important tip is to drink lots of water, which keeps the body hydrated.

Tip#1- Apply lip balm at night

Before going to bed, you should remove all make-up from your face and moisturize it. Don’t forget to apply lip balm at night. When you use lip balm, it makes your lips soft and pink for  longer time. Lip balms are much better than lipsticks as they do not contain any chemical substances. Kids should not use lipstick because they can harm their lips.

Tip#2- Scrub your lips.

The person should at least scrub their lips twice in a week. By rubbing the dead skin of the lips, get removed and makes them look clean. It’s better to use home-made scrub as they provide a natural glow to your lips. If you don’t know how to make the scrub, take a few drops of honey and a pinch of sugar, mix well and apply it on your lips. Wash your lips with warm water after 15 minutes. No matter if you are using the lipstick, you should also scrub your lips.

Tip#3- Use beetroot paste

If you are using natural products like beetroot for your lips, you will get instant results. Beetroot is the best fruit which makes the lips look pink. Don’t worry if you have cracked the lips. You can apply the beetroot paste to make your lips smooth.

All in all

To conclude, here we have discussed the difference between moisturizing lipsticks and normal ones. No doubt, moisturizing lipsticks are best to maintain the smoothness of the lips. Moreover, we have also mentioned the top cosmetics lipstick name, which has Shea butter extracts and vitamins.

How Can I Maintain My Gray Hair Naturally?

How Can I Maintain My Gray Hair Naturally?

Gray hair starts when hair follicles age and produce less color than it used to, resulting to a different strand in the head as compared to other hair strands on the head. Graying is a gradual process which can be maintained either naturally or using artificial methods, so as to slow down the graying process.

Accepting the change

When the first gray hair sprouts, most people are attempted to pluck them because they feel it will not look so nice on them, well it is not advisable to do so. Plucking gray hair from the roots only results in damaging more follicles. The other important thing to do is change your hair brush, if you were used to brushing your hair, its necessary that with graying you change to a wide toothed comb which will not pull out your hair especially when it is wet. This will reduce the damage that will be caused by the brush to the already weak hair.

It is also important to look at the preferred hair products for gray hair you would probably need to start shopping for the best purple shampoo for gray hair, so that you can take care of your changing hair with correct products. You will also need to shop for the best oils and conditioners that will favor the already graying hair. There is no particular age where graying starts because it is mainly determined by genetics but many start at the age of 35 years. If you accept change immediately and start making changes to what you use on your hair, then you can slow down the process and enjoy having your current color for a little longer.

How Can I Maintain My Gray Hair Naturally?

Adopt new lifestyle changes

The aging of the hair follicles may be just a sign that you need to change your lifestyle and adopt new ways of living, because going shopping for the best purple shampoo for gray hair may not be enough. You will need to start taking in enough minerals which are good in promoting hair growth and repairing damaged hair, this will help to strengthen the already weakening hair. You will also need to avoid direct sunlight on your hair meaning that you will either need to put on a cap when going out or have a head scarf on.

It will also be important to get rid of bad hair habits like bleaching because this will only weaken your hair further and may also result into balding because at this stage you already have weak hair and bleaching may just cause more damages than expected. It is also necessary that you avoid using harsh shampoo and soap hence the need for purple shampoo which is particularly made to benefit such hair. You will probably have to stop using the hair drier and curling iron since they always have very high heat which will not be good for gray hair.

Using natural hair dye

There are people who do not like to see the gray hair on their head and would not only go looking for the best purple shampoo for gray hair but may also go shopping for artificial dye that matches their hair color. Hair dye are many damages caused by these artificial dyes and therefore the need to look for natural hair dyes that would restore back your preferred color. There are several natural dyes that can be used safely on gray hair and will not have any negative side effects since they are not made using harmful chemicals and can be used for a long period of time.

One of the very commonly used natural hair dye is henna. Depending of your hair color, you can mix henna with either black tea or coffee and make paste by adding yogurt and olive oil and apply on hair. This mixture can restore the hair color for a period of time without causing any damages to the hair. Once it starts to clear, you can repeat the same process again and this will ensure that you maintain good looking hair without causing more damages to the weak hair. The best part is that this natural dye can be used for years and will not damage hair.

For who prefer hair lighteners

There are those who prefer hair lighteners, they can opt to go for the natural hair lightening options and depending on what color they would like to achieve, they can make a choice out of the many options available. The most common color that people go for is the blonde color; they can use raw honey and cinnamon for natural results that will not cause hair damages. A mixture of raw honey and cinnamon is said to have the same effect as hydrogen peroxide. For complete mixture you need to have raw honey, cinnamon, water and olive oil.

Honey and cinnamon should be mixed at a ratio of 4:1 depending on the amount of hair. Then add in water preferably use distilled water in the mixture and add in olive oil and apply on the hair and leave overnight for effective results. Wash of in the morning with water and style. Repeat the process as the color starts to clear. There may be some people who are allergic to some of the natural ingredients and therefore necessary to check with their doctor if in doubt.

It is possible to maintain gray hair naturally even if you do not use the best purple shampoo for gray hair. It is clear that using artificial products will damage hair since they are made with chemicals that will make the hair brittle and stiff and may also cause skin irritation when it comes into contact with scalp. For prolonged healthy hair it is better to use the natural ways of maintaining gray hair which can start at any age depending on genetics. There are people who start graying at a young age of below twenty years and it is important if they learn how to maintain that hair color.

How Often Should You Use a Face Mask?

Masks are a perfect method of getting rid of the dead cells on the external layer of the skin. A mask carries out numerous functions that enhance the health and look of the skin. A great mask must enhance skin texture, make it clearer and more clear and likewise protect its younger qualities. Masks have a deep cleaning action on the skin, eliminating pollutants, wastes and dead skin cells. They likewise keep the pores devoid of clogged up oil and avoid lots of associated issues. The elimination of dead cells assists to enhance the skin’s capability to take in items, making moisturisation far more reliable. The skin’s cell renewal function likewise enhances.

How Often Should You Use a Face Mask?

The procedure of drying and solidifying of lots of facial masks and their subsequent elimination triggers a growth of the capillary in the skin, bringing an enhancement in complexion. Blood blood circulation to the skin surface area likewise enhances significantly, leaving the skin radiant and revitalized. Masks ought to be picked according to specific requirements. There are numerous type of masks, depending upon the functions they need to carry out.

How to make facial mask?

Masks are an actually great way to pep up skin, in no time at all. Cleaning masks, which typically include clay or fruit, take in excess oils. The enzymes in fruits such as papaya have a deep-cleansing action and leave the skin radiant.

Hydrating Japanese sheet mask offer drier skin a genuine increase, smoothing our fine lines and revitalizing the face. Some hydrating masks likewise consist of toning and firming components, such as seaweed, herbs and aromatherapy oils and are outstanding as complexion-improves prior to a celebration or after a late night.

How Often Should You Use a Face Mask?

Complete cleaning face mask

Cleaning masks are much better matched to oily and some mix skins. They are developed to extract excess oil and contaminants from the surface area. These are gotten rid of from the skin when the mask is cleaned off. Cleaning masks likewise assist to unblock the pores and get rid of dead skin cells. Hence, they prevent the development of blackheads, improve the pores and enhance the texture of the skin. They need to be specifically created for cleaning and fine-tuning the skin and is preferably fit to oily skins. Cleaning mask enhance skin texture and tighten up the pores.

Direct exposure to contaminants and sun rays results in a dull and dry skin. The majority of us nowadays have a way of life that needs direct exposure to the external environment. Over direct exposure to the external environment leaves our skins parched and lifeless. Correct skin care is a crucial to getting glowing skin for restoring the lost facial beauty and likewise the self-confidence that is thought about as the reflection of our inner strength.

Advantages of using face masks

Face masks are thought about as the very best method to improve the look of the lifeless skin. Be it an oily, dry or typical skin, face loads aid to cope well with the skin issues and likewise provide glowing skin.

There are various advantages of using face masks on the facial skin. It hydrates, tones, cleanses and invigorates the skin from within. There are a number of prepared to utilize face masks readily available on the marketplace nowadays for every single skin type. It is essential to think about a face mask according to the age of an individual. – a tightening up face pack is not implied for the individuals of lower age. It is best for individuals in their forties or fifties as it assists in the lifting of the drooping skin.

The Very Best Natural Active Ingredients for Face Masks

There are numerous factors to make natural face masks. It can conserve cash on costly face mask items. It guarantees you understand precisely what active ingredients are being utilized. Whatever the factor, discovering which active ingredients make fantastic face masks works and healthy for the skin

Natural active ingredients are moderate and extensively utilized, however prior to using a component to the entire face, it is an excellent concept to carry out a test. Location a smidgen of the active ingredient on a spot of skin, either on the jaw line or on the back of the hand. This guarantees an allergy will not accompany the component.

Honey face mask

For dry skin, utilizing a honey face mask will hydrate naturally. Any kind of honey will work for this sort of mask. Leave it on for a couple of minutes, then clean with warm water and pat dry. Extra-virgin olive oil likewise makes an excellent face mask by itself.

Flax seeds are a wonderful food

Consuming them supplies omega-3 fats, which are important to health and are a terrific fertility trick. Individuals can likewise benefit from the omega-3 oils in flax seeds to use them in a simple to make face mask.

How Often Should You Use a Face Mask?

In a little bowl, mix 2 tablespoons of flax seeds and simply adequate water to cover them. The seeds need to swell and the water must change into a gelatinous texture. This gel needs to be topped the face and be permitted to sit up until it is dry. The mask must be rinsed with warm water and patted dry.


Egg whites can be calming and leave the skin radiant. Whip the egg whites, use to the skin, and leave them on till they are dry. Wash the egg whites off and pat the face dry. Natural clay face masks extract pollutants. The clay can be discovered in a cosmetics area of a healthy foods shop. Combine with water and use to the face, however not near the eyes. Permit it to dry and rinse.

Olive oil and honey

How Often Should You Use a Face Mask?

Integrating olive oil and honey can likewise develop a beneficial face mask. To develop this formula, mix 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar, one teaspoon of olive oil, and one teaspoon of honey. Apply to the face and leave on for 10 to fifteen minutes. Rinse with warm water and carefully pat the face dry.

Unflavoured, plain yogurt is excellent for toning any kind of skin. It needs to be unflavoured and plain. Do not attempt to utilize vanilla flavoured, or Greek yogurt. For this type of face mask, use the yogurt in a thin layer and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Wash and pat dry.


The value of facial and body masks and mud baths is unavoidable. Mud has actually been utilized for centuries to assist the body eliminate the pollutants. That is the factor for the growing appeal of the mud masks amongst individuals.

A great deal of individuals use mud masks to get rid of toxic substances from the body for accomplishing soft, smooth and glowing skin.

Why Is My Hair So Oily All of a Sudden?

Every person has an interest to keep their hair, scalp oil free and they mainly focus on the best shampoo for oily hair. They can contact and discuss with experts in the shampoos specially designed and mostly recommended for men with oily hair. Will make an informed decision and buy the suitable shampoo as per their requirements. They will be happy to keep their hair healthy and encouraged to recommend this shampoo to others.

Men and women of every age group like to improve their hair in terms of appearance and health at the same time. However, they get much difficulty with different hair problems like oily hair. If you suffer from oily hair and think about how to get rid of this problem, then you have to focus on the best products such as shampoos and natural remedies for oily hair.  Easy-to-follow suggestions to deal with the oily hair nowadays play the main role behind the overall convenience and confidence of everyone to follow such suggestions.

Why Is My Hair So Oily All of a Sudden?

Men tend to have oily hair than women

Human scalp naturally produces oil. However, the amount of oil production in the scalp of men is higher than women. The follicle is available at the base of hair and located under the skin’s surface in the dermis level. Follicles are paired with sebaceous glands which produce the sebum, natural lubricant to waterproof the skin and hair. This sebum is helpful to keep the hair and skin supple and soft. If the sebum is overproduced, then people get greasy and oily skin and hair.

There are so many reasons behind the ever-increasing sebum production. On the other hand, the main reasons are the curly or coily hair, fine hair, super straight hair, genetics, thick hair, hormones and skin conditions. Different brands of hair care products like shampoos are available on the market and recommended for those who like to be successful in their way to take care of their hair. Stress is an important reason behind the hormone fluctuations in everyone in our time. As a man with ever-increasing stressful things in your routine activities, you may get oily hair and skin. Many men suffer from scaly dry skin and greasy hair due to the excessive sebum production, seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis.

Why is my hair so oily all of a sudden?

Men usually do not spend enough time to take care of their hair and skin. They understand the overall significance of improving their grooming requirements after they have experienced problems in particular oily hair and hair fall. It is the right time to find out the best men’s shampoo for oily hair and double-check how such shampoo assists you to heal your oily hair problems without any negative side effect. As compared to using any unknown brand of shampoo, you can prefer and use one of the top brands of shampoos specially formulated to treat oily hair.

Regular updates of high-quality yet competitive prices of shampoos for oily hair nowadays encourage almost every man to directly choose and buy one of these shampoos without complexity in any aspect. You can concentrate on everything about ingredients of the shampoos and discuss with experts in the men’s shampoos on online specially designed to treat oily hair. You will clarify your doubts about anything associated with such shampoos and be encouraged to buy and use one of these shampoos.

How to reduce oil on hair

Men who suffer from oily hair think about the common causes of oily hair. They have to understand and keep in mind that they get this problem because improper hair-care, heredity problems, unhealthy eating habits and medications. They can identify shampoo suitable when they compare leading brands of shampoos made of high-quality ingredients known to treat oily hair problems in men. Can use the apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil to treat oily hair.

Why Is My Hair So Oily All of a Sudden?

Apple cider vinegar has the best stuff to restore the pH balance of the scalp and control the oil production. You can dilute the apple cider vinegar with water in the ratio 1:8 and pour this mixture through your hair. You have to leave it for a few minutes and rinse your hair well. Natural antifungal properties of tea tree oil can help men to cleanse the scalp. Many people do not know how to apply the hair conditioner. Usually apply the conditioner all over their hair. They can apply conditioner from mid-shaft to ends when they have lengthy hair. They must use the hair conditioner particularly designed for oil hair type.

Tips for oily hair men

Every man has different desires regarding their hair style. They can focus on everything about how to successfully treat their oily hair problems. They have to wash their hair thrice a week and shampoo their hair in a proper way. As compared to using the ordinary shampoo, you can choose and buy the shampoo specially designed to heal men’s oily hair problem.  Men who explore shampoos for oily hair can get the absolute assistance and decide on how to pick and order the suitable shampoo. Once they have bought the first-class shampoo, they have to follow suggestions to properly use such shampoo.

Diet is one of the most important things associated with skin and hair health. You have to remember this fact and decide on the stress-free method to enhance your diet. If you consume healthy foods every day, then you can get a notable improvement in your hair and skin as expected. This is advisable to keep away from heat tools to keep your hair healthy and free from excessive oil production.


Every user of the high-quality shampoo can get the most expected benefits. Men who get much difficulty with oily hair problems can explore everything about products for oily hair in detail. They can make an informed decision to enhance their hair in terms of health and look. They have to properly use the appropriate hair care products such as shampoo and be conscious about their hair’s overall health.

Scoop: Sweet Beauty

Scoop: Sweet Beauty

Re-posted from Seattle Magazine
August 2010
By Kate Calamusa

Seattle’s Sweet Beauty skin care adds white chocolate to the mix

It’s no secret that chocolate is balm for the soul, but it turns out it also boasts moisturizing superpowers for your skin. SoDo-based organic skin care purveyor Sweet Beauty has added Theo Chocolate’s white chocolate to its new line of zesty body lotions and scrubs. Our favorite scents? Fragrant tangerine truffle and mojito ($22/8 oz.). Owner Lisa Françoise hand-mixes the moisturizing exfoliants in small batches, adding lime and mint or tangerine butter to the rich honey, organic cocoa butter and cane sugar base for scrubs that smell tantalizing enough to nibble. And considering that all of Sweet Beauty’s skin care products are organic and paraben free, lick away if you like. We’re happy just asking people to smell our freshly scrubbed, decadently scented skin. Available at Julep Nail Parlor (multiple locations, including downtown, 1427 Fifth Ave.; 206.985.0088; myjulep.com) or at sweetbeautyonline.com.

Recipe from KOMO 4 News Interview: Summer Berries Facial Mask


1T Pureed Blueberries
1T Pureed Strawberries
3T Greek Yogurt
2t Honey

Directions: Puree berries separately. Do not add moisture, just quick pulse until fully pureed. Mix Berries together add Yogurt and mix well, add Honey and mix again. This should last a few days in the refrigerator.

Tip: I will puree larger amounts of fruit and freeze pre measured amounts for ease next time I need this refreshing mask.

Strawberries: Contains Salicylic Acid, which is a Natural Exfoliant, Tightens Pores, Cleanses and Softens Skin, High in Antioxidants

Blueberries: Antioxidant Power House, Vitamins C and E, Aids in Hydration

Yogurt: Cooling, Zinc, Calcium, B1, B2, B6, B12, Protein

Honey: A Natural Humectant, Attracting and Retaining Water to the Skin, Antioxidant, Aids in Wound Healing

A note on purchasing Berries, Organic and Freshly Picked in Best since they will contain the most antioxidants.

Recipe from KOMO 4 News Interview: Tropical Face & Body Scrub

1 1/4 cup Organic Cane Sugar
1/3 cup Melted Organic Coconut Oil
2 T Grape Seed Oil
1/4 cup Pureed Pineapple
Puree pineapple. Don’t add water, just quick pulse until fully pureed. Set aside. Pour sugar into bowl. Melt organic coconut oil – 1 minute in the microwave works well. Add grape seed oil. Add pureed pineapple. Stir.
Pineapple: contains bromelain, a digestive enzyme that cleanses the skin and digests dead skin cells
Vitamin B: natural source of alpha hydroxy acid, natural anti inflammatory
Coconut Oil: easily absorbed by the skin, a gift from Mother Nature, free radical scavenger, fabulous scent
Grape Seed Oil: polyphenols, great for fighting free radicals, anti inflammatory, linolenic acid, an essential fatty acid.
Sugar: gentle exfoliant, natural humectant, prepares the skin for moisturization, contains glycolic acid and alpha hydroxy acid

Beauty and the Beans

Re-posted from Fresh Cup Online Magazine

August 2010


By Dan Leif
Coffee a hot ingredient
in cosmetics industry

If you’re a coffee lover, you no doubt want quality beans at the heart of your morning latte and maybe in the ice cream or cake you nibble on later in the day. But how about in shampoo or body cream? Thanks to a pair of recently rolled-out cosmetic lines, coffee consumption doesn’t have to stop when the eating and drinking do. Goodbye, aloe. Hello, Arabica.

The two cosmetic brands in question are Seattle-based Sweet Beauty, which has begun pushing its “mocha collection” that includes a sugar scrub using espresso beans from Caffe Vita, and Barista Bath and Body, a company that’s based in Portland, Ore., and uses coffee in a variety of products, including shampoo, conditioner, soap and lip balm.

“Coffee in general is loaded with antioxidants and is also an anti-inflammatory,” says Lisa Francoise, owner
of Sweet Beauty.Not surprisingly, the people behind both lines are longtime coffee drinkers. But both say the choice to bring coffee into a realm traditionally dominated by unpronounceable chemical ingredients is more than just a novelty play. “Coffee in general is loaded with antioxidants and is also an anti-inflammatory,” says Lisa Francoise, owner of Sweet Beauty. “It’s a real gift from nature when it comes to skin care.”

Francoise’s company was built on creating cosmetics using another bean-based food product, chocolate. But within her latest line, she formulated a lip balm, massage oil and body cream from coffee bean butter, which is made by extracting oils from organic coffee beans and adding them to hydrogenated vegetable oil. Don’t worry, though—it won’t lead to a triple bypass. “Hydrogenated vegetable oil is scary when you think about eating trans fats, but for the skin it’s an amazing product,” Francoise says. “It provides an occlusive barrier and seals in the moisturizer and antioxidants from the coffee bean.”

Sweet Beauty’s final coffee-based product, a sugar scrub, has an independent coffee shop at its roots. When Francoise needs a fresh batch of the cosmetic, she heads to a shop in her Seattle neighborhood and buys Caffe Vita espresso beans by the pound. Back at her workspace she grinds the coffee and combines it with coffee bean oil, chocolate and sugar. “We use the organic espresso beans just to add an extra exfoliation to the scrub,” says Francoise. “You’re not getting much benefit other than the feel and the look from the coffee beans.”

Cooling Watermelon, Cucumber and Mint Toner.

This August, cool off and tone your hot summer skin with this refreshing blend of Watermelon, Cucumber and Mint. Choose ingredients fresh from your garden or just pick them up at the local grocery store.

1 cup Watermelon, seeds removed and cut into chunks
1 cup Cucumber, peeled and cut into chunks
1 handful Fresh Mint Leaves, removed from the stem
1.5 oz or 1.5 T of Witch Hazel, found at your local grocery or pharmacy
1.5 oz or 1.5 T Water, use the Britta if you can

Blend Watermelon, Cucumber and Mint together in a blender or food processor. Strain mixture through cheese cloth or a fine mesh strainer. Add Witch Hazel and Water to extracted juice. This should last for a week or so refrigerated.


Put Toner in a spray bottle and keep cold until needed. Spritz skin as needed to cool off.

Rebalance the skin after cleansing routine. Apply with a cotton ball. You could rinse afterwards, but it is not necessary.

Additional Uses:

Leave out the Witch Hazel and drink to cool off and rehydrate.

Or leave out the Witch Hazel and add Vodka for a refreshing cocktail.


Watermelon aids the skin’s regeneration process, restores balance, is an anti inflammatory, as well as a natural acne fighter. Watermelon is rich in Lycopene, Vitamins A, B and C. Watermelons can be traced back to Africa.

Cucumbers contain Silica, a trace mineral, which is important for our bodies’ connective tissue. Cucumbers cool, calm, soothe, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. Cucumbers can lesson dark circles in the eye area. Cucumbers are soothing to sun burnt skin. Cucumbers are known to improve one’s complexion. Cucumbers can be traced back to India.

Mint softens, hydrates, relaxes and refreshes the skin. Mint is a natural astringent, a natural anti inflammatory and a natural acne fighter. Mint can be traced back to the Mediterranean.

Sinfully Delicious Drinking Chocolate

At Sweet Beauty we promote the benefits of feeling good in order to feel beautiful and what makes you feel better than chocolate? There are many things that feel good, but chocolate is still tops in our book and we don’t like to be limited to just eating bars of it, although that is pretty great. We have searched through the best drinking chocolate recipes far and wide. We tried and loved them all, but needed something even better. We invite you to try it for yourself.

16 oz Whole Milk
4 oz Heavy Cream or Half and Half
4 oz Roughly Chopped Organic Chocolate, 75% or higher
2 Fresh Vanilla Beans or 1.5 t Vanilla Extract
1/4 to 1/3 cup Cane Sugar, Honey or Agave Nectar

Gently heat the Milk and Cream, being careful not to scald. Scrape the Vanilla Beans and add to the simmering Milk and Cream. Add the Chocolate. Gently stir until melted. Add Your Chosen Sweetener. Stir Well. Top with Fresh Made Whipped Cream.

For different twist on this recipe you could add:
2 Cinnamon Sticks
Chili Water (Simmer chili pepper cut in half and cleaned in 2 cups of water until reduced by half, strain)
Freshly ground nuts: almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts

You can adjust the quantity of Milk, Cream or Half and Half. The drink will be thinner and you get healthier.
I suppose you will too :)